[Gimp-developer] Screenshot tool: Unify plugin for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X


lately I compared the plugins versions for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X for a bug report. Surprisingly the Windows version is totally different from the others. It only offers three options: capture a single window, capture the whole screen and the delay in seconds. All the other useful options are missing, although they would be of use in Windows, too.

The Windows' version plugin is Craig Seteras WinSnap v0.70 (07/16/1999). Compared to Linux' and Macs plug-in-screenshot this is a quite old version, which doesn't seem to be maintained by Craig Setera anymore.

On the other hand, there are a lot of good or more sophisticated screenshot tools existing. Some of them ship with every Windows 7, Mac OS X, GNOME or KDE distribution. Maybe there a screencapture tools, which give better results for some particular window managers, like Enlightenment. Why reinvent the wheel, even with restricted developing capacities? To provide a good solution while keeping the own development efforts manageable, GIMP could users give the choice between GIMP's own screenshot plugin in its current state (which would be fixed in basic points and frozen then), the operating systems own screenshot tool and third party tools (SnagIt etc). Results from other tools should then be seamlessly reimported into GIMP. I suggest to place a listbox in the settings dialog with the following items: GIMPs screenshot tool, operating systems tool, Other... The second item would be Windows' 'Snipping tool', Mac's screencapture tool, on Linux' KDEs KSnapshot or whatever. The item 'Other...' would let the user choose an third-party executable for screenshots.

How do you think about this enhancement?


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