[Gimp-developer] Make screenshot: wrong German translation in Mac version


the 'Make screenshot'-dialog in version 2.6.12 for Mac OS X is missing the translation for 'Include window shadow', see attachment. I suggest 'Fensterschatten einbeziehen". How to reproduce this bug: go to /File/Create/Acquire/Screenshot.. (in German: Datei/Erstellen/Bildschirmfoto...)

It neither affects the Linux or Windows version. Because of Mac windows don't have frames, but shadows, this is ok for Mac. But it should have been translated properly. Checking the installed plugins I see the same plugin named 'plug-in-screenshot' in version 1.1 (2008/04) on Mac and Linux systems. Maybe the contributor of the Mac version changed this plugin for Mac and didn't contribute back to GIMP. This should be changed.


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