Re: [Gimp-developer] Retouch 'push' tool?

Paint Shop Pro's documentation of it says:

"Similar to Smudge, but does not pick up any new color."

So it's basically maintaining the colors of the area you initially clicked on when you started the click-drag. I don't see how IWarp is equivalent, because it operates on a whole image. Push is, well, similar to smudge - you drag the cursor around to manipulate the image.

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Jeremy Morton (Jez)

On 02/03/2012 23:01, Przemyslaw Golab wrote:

2012/3/2 Jeremy Morton <admin game-point net <mailto:admin game-point net>>

    Does GIMP have an equivalent to Paint Shop Pro's retouch 'push'
    tool? It's similar to but not the same as the smudge tool.

Filters>Distorts>IWarp and do as Liam R E Quin said. If you want help
give more info about the problem.


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