Re: [Gimp-developer] Image processing algorithms resources

You sent it off-list again :) "Reply to All" would help :)

The text means that you read source code (and code comments) of an
existing GIMP filter, then rewrite it into a GEGL operation. AFAIK,
some filters do mention papers they are based on, and some don't, but
many of the latter are generic enough. E.g. some rely on other common
algorithms such as convolution matrix.

Some of the filters have quite customized UI, e.g. the Flames plug-in.
In that case it's OK to just port the back-end so that proper UI could
be written later when we figure out how to do that. Right now all
ported ops in the Git master branch use the skeleton of the "GEGL op"

I suggest you have a look at the code of some simple existing GIMP
filter that has already been ported to a GEGL operation. E.g. "Whirl
and Pinch":

Alexandre Prokoudine

On Sat, Jun 30, 2012 at 10:38 PM, Calculemus <calculemus1988 gmail com> wrote:
> Wow the filters list is big. It is exactly the thing I want to work on.
> I am just confused about "Read the plugin you want to port, understand the
> algorithm hidden in it. ".
> So this is already done in GEGL and basically you want to use it in GIMP? Or
> they are not implemented anywhere and I am supposed to know the algorithm
> and do it from scratch?
> I have done a whole book on image processing algorithms, I can tackle this
> one and probably do more than the two GSOC students together :D

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