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El 24/06/12 13:53, Richard Gitschlag escribió:
Out of curiosity, I tried typing an XCF file into the Export dialog yesterday and got that non-negotiable warning that GIMP won't let you do that.  Um ... why?  I see no practical reason why the Export command should be prohibited from outputting an XCF file to disk when it already outputs every other image format GIMP has any support for.

I know it doesn't make much sense to "export to XCF", but allowing to store XCF from the export command would probably terminate this discussion. People who don't like the separation between save and export could simply change the shortcut from CTRL+E to CTRL+S and have the old behaivor back... Of course with no warnings about potentially destructive consequences when a layered file is saved to a single-layer format, for instance, but in that case it would be their call.

It's a really small compromise, people who choose to use the existing workflow with save and export won't notice it.


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