Re: [Gimp-developer] present xcf as what it is, a gimp project file format

I'm following the whole discussion and I'm more and more convinced that a default keyboard shortcut for overwrite would solve this. People is basically complaining because they lost a handy way to save lossy formats back after simple editing.
Typical example: open a JPG file, adjust curves, save over.
I agree 100% with the separation between save and export because it kind of forces me to work in a more organized way and helps me avoid mistakes that costed me a lot of time before. I understand that it takes some time to get used to that separation, but in my opinion is a minor compromise if we consider the benefits. That being said, I also find annoying that in a fresh install I have to go to the menu in order to overwrite files. As Peter already pointed out, assigning a shortcut for that is easy and permanent, but I wonder how bad it would be to assign one by default, so users get used to that combination for that specific procedure instead of customizing it.
I think that it would have a couple of benefits:
- The old lossy workflow would be back (it never went away, but now it takes a couple of extra clicks). After learling the new shortcut, I'm sure it will feel as natural as CTRL+S. - Consistency through different GIMP installs (if you have to use a friend's GIMP you don't have to worry about what shortcut s/he used for that command).

What about using CTRL+ALT+E for that?
I guess that using something recognizable as an alternative to CTRL+E would make it easy to memorize since it's one of the exporting variants.

I understand the reasons behind not having a default shortcut, but I'm not sure if it really prevents a problem. I'd say that having a shortcut would be a reasonable compromise to help the introduction of the new save/export workflow in a less painful way for people used to lossy workflows.


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