[Gimp-developer] Distortion Identification Based Image Quality Assessment

Dear To whom it may concern,


Greetings from the University of Texas, McCombs School of Business, Austin, TX. I am writing from the Master of Science in Technology Commercialization program. I am on a team that is considering the commercial application for a variety of technologies- and I have a query that I think is perfect for someone with your background! Please forgive me for reaching out to GIMP using the developer list but I was unable to get an email address to someone that may be able to help.


Right now, my team- which is made up of executives from Dell, CenturyLink, Cisco, The Economist Group and the US Army- is looking at an algorithm that was developed by the UT electrical and computer engineering department that effectively recognizes and identifies various forms of distortion in images. This is a novel process for gauging the quality of an original image from a distorted representation, without knowledge of the type of distortion the media has undergone. This process is composed of two parts: the identification of the type of distortion, and the execution of a quality assessment algorithm to quantify the quality of the original.

For the project, we are doing what is called a 'quick look' to understand the market potential for the algorithm. One of the ways we're doing this is to talk to people in the marketplace- including industry experts like you. I'm hoping you might generously grant me 30-45 minutes some time in the next two weeks to talk about the way GIMP might consider the qualities of such a technology?


Feel free to write me back directly at christopher smith mstc13 mccombs utexas edu or at (830) 358-3406. I would be very grateful for you time- I know someone with as much education under their belt as you will understand that while this is to some extent an academic exercise we are keen to talk to the best in the field- we are very hopeful you'll be generous enough to participate.

Very best regards


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