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On 25-07-2012 16:14, wanderer wrote:
Well, as an user who read the list it came to my mind the implementation of auto-save in Gimp. I guess you already had that discussion, but I think that a good software is the one that understand that us, mere mortals human beings, make a lot of mistakes and try in some manner to reduce the range of these mistakes.
This is an interesting point. I've recently trying out Lightworks for video editing, and I like the fact that it does not have "save" in it's workflow. Rather, it just saves every operation.

I know that inkscape tries to write a backup file whenever he crashes, and it display a message to the user, whenever is possible, saying where the file is. I don't know if gimp does that, but /i think it's a very good idea.
Not just inkscape, but I believe that Emacs, Vim and other text editors also create a backup file. AFAIK, the backup file is autosaved, and the original is kept as is, in case the user wishes to throw away all changes.

Also, there are softwares like blender wich gives the option of saving incremental files (like file0001.tga, file0002.tga...). Mine's a strange mind; I think that implementing this option is more useful in a way that it suggests to user "hey, it's a good idea to have incremental backups" than the feature itself. It's like a suggestion of workflow.
Incremental backups with .xcf files? In my workflow, each .xcf photograph ends up orders of magnitude larger than the DNG files that make up the photograph (with the many layers that get added in the workflow). Not sure if I'd like incremental backups :)

Also, an autosave wich can be configured would be a good idea. It would be interesting if the number of backup files could also be set... So, if I choose to have only one backup file, every x minutes gimp writes the same file with the backup. I've used a program that does that. I always used it in one, so I don't really know the behaviour with more files...

Well, these are just suggestions of a humble user :)

Em 24-07-2012 15:31, sus piments com escreveu:
On 24/07/12 18:33, Akira Tanaka wrote:
Yesterday, I wrote a letter out of frustration in regards to GIMP. I
feel that my actions were juvenile, immature and socially unacceptable.
I haven't bothered to update the software and in a fit of misguided and
dumb rage, I unleashed that attack against those who did not deserve it.
I'm not a victim, I just made a foolish mistake out of anger. And for
that I apologize. I meant no disrespect to any of you and I'm pretty
sure I'd give GIMP another chance with its newest version. So please
disregard everything that was said in "a letter of complaint."

Well that seems an honest , full and sincere apology. If I'd felt I was the target I'd be satisfied. Anyone who can eat that much humble pie in one helping deserves to be excused.

Though it was clearly out of order, it was so outrageous I think it caused more amusement than anything else.

We don't get much comic relief on gimp-developer. You brightened my day and for that I thank you.

If you can identify a serious bug, there's a good chance it will get fixed because bugs should be fixed. It's not a case of whether the reporter "deserves help" , the code base deserve help.

If you can define a reproducible problem please report it.

Best regards,

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