Re: [Gimp-developer] Update and apology

mr. Tanaka,

I use GIMP since the year 2000
Maybe I can help you to identify some key points in your "crash experience"
I've used GIMP for almost every artwork I've done along Photoshop -
just because some things goes faster (not as computing speed) but as
operation logic ( workflow if you like ...) and for me those crashes
your talk about ...they are a wonder for me.

For me GIMP 2.X  until 2.7  was extremely stable under Windows or Linux.

I remember one time - in less than 24 hours I must prepare a 5.5m x
3.5m poster for a factory expecting a visit from an international
customer. The computer was prepared for web design not for prepress
and large scale graphics. I can open all images from their list in
Photoshop but I can't save the work because ...insufficient memory.
Then for almost any layer movement Photoshop put me to wait long time
when not just crashed. GIMP (2.4 if I remember well) just save my day
because printing factory called me every 5 minutes.

Until Photoshop CS4 for also, important operations like "liquid
rescale" and "content aware fill in PS" (aka "heal selection" on GIMP)
was only possible in GIMP (and some small demonstrative programs). But
for prepress I was forced to use Photoshop under Windows and Linux.

Regarding so many crashes something must go wrong with the hardware -
GIMP use a quite modular plugin system - so many custom plugins will
crash without affecting the application.

Send me a separate message with your problems one by one - so we can
solve things out of this mailing list.

I have a lot of GIMP plugins, themes, and some good experience,
probably I can help you to earn some time...

Other readers of this list may help you also - if you can express very
clear what you need.
If you can speak clear, it's almost improbable that one or another
will not throw a helping hand.

BTW - please don't hate me for analogy with An American in Rome, is an
italian movie from 1954, I am sure you will like this movie too ;).

2012/7/25  <sus piments com>:
> On 24/07/12 18:33, Akira Tanaka wrote:
>> Yesterday, I wrote a letter out of frustration in regards to GIMP. I
>> feel that my actions were juvenile, immature and socially unacceptable.
>> I haven't bothered to update the software and in a fit of misguided and
>> dumb rage, I unleashed that attack against those who did not deserve it.
>> I'm not a victim, I just made a foolish mistake out of anger. And for
>> that I apologize. I meant no disrespect to any of you and I'm pretty
>> sure I'd give GIMP another chance with its newest version. So please
>> disregard everything that was said in "a letter of complaint."
> Well that seems an honest , full and sincere apology. If I'd felt I was the
> target I'd be satisfied.  Anyone who can eat that much humble pie in one
> helping deserves to be excused.
> Though it was clearly out of order, it was so outrageous I think it caused
> more amusement than anything else.
> We don't get much comic relief on gimp-developer. You brightened my day and
> for that I thank you.
> If you can identify a serious bug, there's a good chance it will get fixed
> because bugs should be fixed. It's not a case of whether the reporter
> "deserves help" , the code base  deserve help.
> If you can define a reproducible problem please report it.
> Best regards,
> gg.
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Nemes Ioan Sorin

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