Re: [Gimp-developer] Gimp UI ... hesitant about compiling a list...

RMMjr (bob montgomery jr gmail com) wrote:
> I've worked with a lot of software, and delved into usability issues, and
> while I'm not a luminary like Nielsen/Norman & Co, I can recognize when a
> UI is taxing me, or in some cases, when it reduces me to babbling, schitzo
> spaz trying to learn again how to use a stupid pencil. There is something
> about neuro-motor circuitry and art-brains which just doesn't cotton to
> sitting through hours of explanatory videos to do even simple stuff. You
> might recoil and suggest I just use some simple tool like 'paint' and be
> happy. I do use stuff like Blender, which similarly has an amazingly Star-
> Trekkie-esque UI, which can be similarly daunting if your mice and tablet
> and trackpads aren't deconfilicted with your systemwide hotkeys.

Please try to state your question/suggestion in a way, that non-native
speaker have a chance of understanding. I did not get at all what you
want, and my english in general is pretty good.


              simon budig de    

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