[Gimp-developer] How to debug rendering problems in master?

I just compiled master today to play around with the high bit depth support. As has been mentioned, it's broken :o)

I seem to be running into two problems:

1) It seems like the rendering has some variety of race conditions and mipmap-looking caching problems. Any suggestions for how to debug these, things to try, or files to look at? One issue I've seen repeatedly is that the image looks mostly-ok at <= 50% zoom. The top-left tile will be wrong. When I move above 50% zoom, it looks like the entire image is rendered as a zoomed-in version of that incorrect top-left tile.

2) It's horrifically slow :o) I've never actually gotten a profiler to work on my machine. Anyone have any suggestions for bits that could use some optimization? Especially bits that someone who is good at C but unfamiliar with the new codebase could take a look at?

In particular, is there anything I can do to make GIMP/GEGL take advantage of the multiple cores on my machine? It only ever seems to use one, which is a waste, because I've got 7 other cores I paid money for just for GIMP (and other image processing).

In sum, I already have images that could benefit from >8bit processing, so I'd like the future to be here sooner rather than later. Please tell me how to help make that happen. Maslow's triangle dictates that I must work on problems 1 or 2, if at all possible.


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