[Gimp-developer] Proposal: tool-preset thumbnails/icons.


Please consider the following feature suggestion.

I propose to allow each tool preset to be assigned a small
custom thumbnail image (by the creator of the preset/the user) in place
of the current tool icon. The purpose of this image would be as follows:
1. To make presets easily recognisable at a glance.
2. To make if possible to display presets in a grid (i.e. without
names, just thumbnails). This would allow more presets to be visible
and selectable in the Tool Presets dockable dialog, without it taking up
the entire dock area.

I suggest these thumbnails could be created either by loading/pasting an
image, or painting directly onto a small canvas available via the Edit
Tool Preset dialog.

1. You can already select an icon from a list. However, none of these
icons are particularly suited to distinguishing presets.
2. If the type of tool is considered important, a much smaller
version of the current tool icon could be added in the corner of the
thumbnail. (Currently, selecting a different icon hides the preset
type, so presumably this is not a concern)
3. The current tool preset icons don't actually seem to be the right
size (they are pixellated), which makes me wonder if they are just
standing in for a larger image that whoever wrote the Tool Presets
dialog expected to have.
4. Most of these suggestions could also apply to Paint Dynamics items.

T. Hall

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