[Gimp-developer] help on images with higher precision

Dear list,

I have been using gimp for years, and the only feature I miss is the ability 
to handle high precision (more than 8bit per color) images, because most of my 
images are black and white : the trouble being with 8bit per color that 
feathering selections and modifying curves in selections creates step-like 
zones that are sometimes visible.

I tried the new 2.9 (from yesterday's git) ; unfortunately gimp crashes when :
- opening an image ; then
- defining its precision to 16 bit ; then
- selecting a zone (with the free select tool) ; then
- feathering the selection (with a radius of 300) ; then
- calling the curves tool crashes gimp.

I then tried to do the same sequence but staying on 8bit ; gimp crashes on the 
same step.

Should I revert to gimp2.8 ?



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