[Gimp-developer] The GIMP IFF/ILBM-plugin's author


Apologies if this is off-topic. I'm on a bit of a wild goose-chase, here.

I'm trying to track down Mr Johannes Tevessen (or Teveßen, since he's
German), author of the IFF/ILBM import/export plug-in for GIMP.

I found[*] this plug-in recently, and since it's very nice to be able
to load my childhood's Amiga graphics in modern-day GIMP, I tried
getting it to work.

That failed, so I fixed it to work with current GIMP (2.6). Before I
release it I would of course like to hear from the original author,
but I've been unable to track him down on the three e-mail addresses
I've found in the wild.

So, on the off chance that he's subscribed to this list, or that
someone might know him, I thought I'd drop a line to the list.

Thanks, and of course: keep up the excellent work you all do on the GIMP.



[*] http://registry.gimp.org/node/3459,

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