Re: [Gimp-developer] replace toolbar with customized one

Before someone flames me for saying this: This is my own opinion, and
I don't have any relevant examples or arguments to back them up.
But I agree with Serhiy. To me the toolbar is too large and could be
cut down significantly. Maybe slightly smaller icons, different style
checkboxes and sliders and some less whitespace between menu options.
I have really come to like how blender does this for instance.
the gimp-painter version (the version that is bundled with the DVD
open movie workshop/character design by David Revoy. Since there seem
to be several versions around) has a standard menu layout which
appeals more to me. But having read the blog about GEGL and UI
integration, I'm hoping for a bit more of a modal and scale-able UI
(again, like blender does it) with the ability to save a layout as
default. Even an option to have more default layouts. Like photoshop
introduced a while back (CS4? I haven't used photoshop in a long time,
so don't start flaming me for bringing it up, it's still relevant, and
photoshop seemed to get the idea from blender, which had this WAAAAY
I can envision a work-space where you don't really have a layer
toolbar open, but a node editor (with backdrop/main image if you need
it) which you can scale/re-position, and do all your GEGL operations
and magic with nodes, and be back to your main image/paint/edit window
with the click of a shortcut.

Again, I love how blender does this:
CTRL+up-down-maximizes active window/view
CTRL+left-right moves to different layout (animation/modeling/compositing)
in node editor: MMB pans the view, CTRL+MMB zooms the view, ALT+MMB
pans the backdrop(main) image

I just don't think disabling a tool I don't often use is a good option
for me. Because one day I might not use it a lot and another day I
might. I can make different layouts for that if I want to. Which would
not only restrict me to changing the size and tools of my "main
paint/selection/cloning tools" toolbar, but any other element and
window (layers, image, histogram, GEGL nodes/operations, etc.

I just take up the whole toolbar idea and bring the entire UI in the
mix to give some thoughts about the new approach with GEGL (imo this
could mean the whole old fashioned "legacy" layers toolbar could go
out the window)


2012/1/29 Alexandre Prokoudine <alexandre prokoudine gmail com>:
> On Sun, Jan 29, 2012 at 5:40 AM, Serhiy M. Vasylenko wrote:
>> I want to have much smaller and very different in size/appearance toolbar.
> Just to make sure: did you try disabling some tool you don't use
> frequently? This allowed me to cut it almost twice.
> Alexandre Prokoudine
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