Re: [Gimp-developer] Layer stack order

> Friends,
> OK, maybe this is just a matter of a lack of user experience, but
> recently after having edited an image using "paste" in the GIMP edit
> menu (v. 2.6), I was mildly surprised to find out that the edits were
> not in the layer I expected to find them. When I made the copy, the
> floating layer appeared at the top of the stack in the layers dialog
> box, even though the active layer was a couple layers down. I wasn't
> paying much attention to the layers dialog during the copy / paste
> processes, and the pasted bits seemed to be in the layer I wanted them
> in. But they weren't. I didn't lose much here, the desired materials
> were moved into the proper layers with a minimum of effort, and as
> chance would have it, that the layers that the bits had been pasted
> into
> by mistake had nothing else of significance in them.
> But it did lead me to wonder if the floating layer is always at the
> top,
> why this is so, as opposed to having the floating layer inserted into
> the stack of the layer dialog immediately above the active layer.

I guess most things float on the top.

1. Select your active layer
2. Paste
3. When you anchor, the "float-ing layer" it sinks to the active layer

If you want the copy on a new layer, either;
  a. Create a new layer, position it in the stack, and then paste/anchor
  b. Edit->paste as New layer and then move it in the stack
and are probably
worth the read


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