Re: [Gimp-developer] something's starting, it is the text tool

peter sikking (peter mmiworks net) wrote:
> ps: I think mitch and nomis are the two developers most interested
> in this topic, and we would like to sit down soon with them to
> hash out a vision for text(tool) in GIMP, based on what we can
> distill out of this survey.

I am interested very much indeed, but I am buried in work until at least
the end of february, so at the best I can hope to travel to berlin for a
weekend or so, but there is hardly a chance for a lot of development
from my side...

I'll be glad to give constructive criticism though  :)

On the specific topic: I think we need to look at the needs for
relatively big fonts and short texts (think "headlines").

This means we need good support for microtypography (sub-pixel kerning
anyone?) and advanced open type features. There are impressively rich
fonts out there and I want to use their features...

              simon budig de    

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