Re: [Gimp-developer] How to add our code into GIMP's GIT

Den 29 februari 2012 10:17 skrev Zhang Peixuan <zhangpeixuan cn gmail com>:
>      We are very willing and very much hope to be able to add our code for
> GIMP. We currently do with GEGL's parallel speedup, and we work with Victor
> Oliveira. However, I do not know how we can become the GIMP developers? How
> can we have permission to submit our code to the official GIT?
> Thanks!


In order to get permission to submit code to the official GIMP git,
you need to build up trust with the developers. Doing that is simple:
provide good patches that improve GIMP, either by sending them to the
mailing list or by attaching them to a bug report in Bugzilla. When
the patches you provide are of enough quality and quantity, you will
be considered to get permission to submit code directly to the
official GIT.

Good luck!

Best regards,


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