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then I guess I will try to implement my plugin as GEGL tool. Thank you for your help!


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I'm working on a plugin for which I would like to have the image refreshed every time the user changes some parameter in the dialog. That is, instead of viewing changes in the preview window, I wouId like to see them in the working space, just like in the case of Brightness-Contrast filter (or any other in "Colors" menu). Could you give me any hints on which functions I need to use? Or is there any relevant example? I tried to look into the source code (gimpbrightnesscontrasttool.c, for instance) but I couldn't make head nor tail of it...

The tools do that automatically cause they're tools.
Plugins don't and more-or-less can't. You'd be better off implementing your plugin as a GEGL op that GIMP can access (I don't recall offhand whether GIMP supports whatever ops are installed minus a blacklist, or just a fixed list of ops.); then you would get this behaviour through the GEGL tool.

It would be possible for a plug-in to use a custom made GTK+ dialog (as oposed to automated python-fu or script-fu dialogs) and have an "update" action which would actually create a new layer with the selection and apply the plug-in on this temporary layer.  However, since you can't know the zoom level or visible area of any of the image views, your plug-in would actually have to process the whole selected area at full resolution, which could be slow to do in realtime.

The fact is current GIMP has no support for this "live preview" of plug-ins, but I believe it is an aim of a GEGLified GIMP where most plug-ins would be gegl ops.


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