Re: [Gimp-developer] image quality degraded due to scaling

On 02/10/2012 02:57 AM, smit sanghavi wrote:
While using GIMP, I noticed that when an image is scaled initially, and then rescaled after making some changes, the quality of the image reduces. It is very significant when the image is scaled by a large extent. I understand that this is due to the data loss that occurs during scaling. But i was wondering if there was any alternative approach to avoid this problem.
My approach to avoiding this problem is to scale up in binary steps (2,4,8) a lot first, then modify the image, then scale down to the final target size. This sort of works around the limited resolution by providing a couple of extra bits to average with on the down-scale step. It seems to work better if the scaling mode is set to Sinc (Lanczos 3) rather than the default cubic mode. Haven't really explored it much, though.

  -- Burnie

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