Re: [Gimp-developer] Help with a Gimp 2.10 question

El 18/12/12 17:15, Guillermo Espertino (Gez) escribió:
El 18/12/12 08:46, jEsuSdA 8) escribió:

Hi Jesusda! :)

Hi Gez!

Great opinion and nice data. As I suppose, maybe Photivo will be the chosed. Darktable will be fine, but there are no Windows version at the moment.

(This is just my personal opinion)

- I wouldn't count on having GIMP 2.10 by April 2013. There's still a
lot of work to be done and april is really close.

- I would advise you strongly against using a development version for a
demonstration (except, of course, you're in a Libre Graphics Meeting).
Any bug can and will be perceived as a weakness of the program. Trying
to seduce people who don't know GIMP with an unstable version of GIMP is
really a bad idea. Stick with 2.8.

- A mixed workflow with other applications and GIMP could be acceptable.
If you process RAW and/or HDR images using Darktable in high bit depth
to take the most of the source material and export to tiff files for
final touches in GIMP, quality should be fine if you don't have to go
berserk with the postprocessing.
High bit depth editing is critical when you have to apply extreme
processing and when layer and brush strokes accumulation is whether too
extreme or too subtle.
Generally you can get away with 8 bpc if you don't have to stretch too
much, but the job you're describing seems tricky, so be careful.

- Finally, I would think twice about going ahead with the course if the
software we have is not ready for the task.
If editing in high bit precision is mandatory, then GIMP (at least
today) isn't suited for the task.
I know it sounds like missing a nice oportunity, but maybe it's better
to postpone than to screw a nice chance to reach a specialized audience.
If you show GIMP and the professionals there conclude that it can't be
used for their job, that's something extremely difficult to revert.

Anyway, you can turn this "missed oportunity" into a useful event. You
can meet with them to evaluate if a mixed workflow is viable. There you
can tell them that high bit precision is being implemented and will be
available in the next version. You can show them the current stable, you
can tease them with the new stuff coming, but I wouldn't go there to
"teach" them how to do the job with free software unless I'm absolutely
sure that it can be done with the expected quality.

We had to wait years literally to see high bit depth happening in GIMP.
It's finally happening, but we have to wait a little :-)

I would desire to use Gimp. Maybe if 2.9 will be stable enough in september 2013 could be used, but, as you says, using an unstable edition could be worse than use other software.

I will study several options and I will tell us. ;)


Thank you very much. ;)

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