Re: [Gimp-developer] wavelet decompose

I would suggest joining IRC channel and discuss it there :)

Øyvind is so much easier to talk to online :)

OTOH, I would suggest to stop for a moment and think about bigger
picture. What GEGL really needs is some sort of generic code for
wavelets and operations in frequency domain (I would suggest having a
look at recent versions of darktable and edge-avoiding wavelets too).
So that new ops, whether decomposition, noise removal or anything
else, could use that generic code.

(As a side note, in 2009 or so we had a GSoC project for operations in
frequency domain that we couldn't merge because of a license mismatch
with FFTW.)

Of course, it's a lot larger task, but also a lot more rewarding in
terms of future development. Maybe porting the plug-in to a GEGL op
could be a start towards that.

Alexandre Prokoudine

On Thu, Dec 13, 2012 at 12:10 PM, Ville Sokk <ville sokk gmail com> wrote:
> You could do an op that has one output and call it repeatedly from a
> gimp plugin. But an even better idea would be to consult pippin and
> see if you can change GeglNode and GeglOperation to support multiple
> outputs. There's even a FIXME comment in gegl-node.c so someone has
> thought about this already.

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