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To the GIMP Team,

Please see below regarding our interest in a toy license for Wilber. I attached supplementary files which I believe went to Mukund, I can send files individually to any who are interested, but I believe the files were too large to send to the listserve as a whole. Thank you.

Hello Mukund,

Thank you for the information. I have attached a more formal proposal and information on my company, but the summary is as follows.

Product Types (non-exhaustive)

  • Plush
    • 5-6" and/or 8-10" versions of Wilber
    • Wilber's head only and/or Wilber plus a small body for enhanced "plushiness"
    • Standard Wilber image as well as Wilber with a beret, construction hat, and wizard hat as rights are available. I believe these rights are currently available via permission licenses, but any clarification would be appreciated.
  • Vinyl/Resin 
    • 4-6" mini-figures
    • Wilber's head only or body
    • First set would potentially include exchangeable pieces - so beret, construction hat, wizard hat, paintbrush that would be swappable
    • For other copyrighted "construction kit" props we would also provide further "sets" to be used with the base toy as available, for collectors etc.
  • Bobbleheads
  • Stress Balls
The following are terms we are interested in

* Global license
* Standard consumer products royalty to GIMP community - 15% of net proceeds
* Exclusivity - If the GIMP team would be open to an exclusive deal, we would like to discuss this at higher rates, otherwise we are fine with a non-exclusive deal
* Estimated sales volume - 182,000 units annually, $3M gross revenue - catering to core GIMP users as well as general toy and collectible collectors outside of your base
* Verification of sales - as per our other licenses we would provide quarterly reports and have standard audit provisions that I presume the GNOME Foundation or another representative would have the option to execute on annually.

From a partnership standpoint we take on the risk and handle everything from toy design through to fulfillment to the end consumer via our website and wholesale partnerships.

The following are some of our current brand partners.
  • Magicka (Paradox Interactive - )
    • Sold over 1.3M copies worldwide 
  • Dungeons of Dredmor (Gaslamp Games - ) 
    • Indie Game of the Year for 2011 from PC Gamer US 
  • Zeno Clash (Aceteam - )
    • PC Gamer's 2009 Independent game of the year 
    • Ranked in 2011 as one of PC Gamer's top 100 games of all time 
  • Creature Breeder (virtual pet/pokemon type community)
I hope this provides you enough background and we look forward to discussing further.



On Sun, Aug 12, 2012 at 11:24 AM, Mukund Sivaraman <muks banu com> wrote:
> Hello,
> My company develops limited edition toys for a variety of brands - game
> companies, communities, etc. and we are interested in making plush toys and
> statues of Wilber. We were touching base to discuss any concerns. We would
> look to provide a portion of proceeds to the community. If someone were
> able to get back to us that would be appreciated.

I am interested in selling Wilber and GEGL t-shirts too as part of
Banu's new shop.  It seems some GIMP team members want an adult line as
well.  ;)

Here is my understanding of it:

* Wilber (a coyote in case you didn't know) isn't exactly used for
  *selling* t-shirts by the GIMP team, but it has been used on t-shirts
  and other goodies by the GIMP team. So as it could be construted as a
  trademark, you'll have to get permission from the GIMP team depending
  on what toy/clothing you want to use it with.

* If you want to use a particular drawing of Wilber (there are many,
  such as by tigert, jimmac, mattanhan, etc.), you'll *also* have to
  get permission from its author as the image is copyrighted.  Some of
  these may have been released under permissive licenses, so you'll
  have to mention the license in that case, or get a waiver from its

Please reply with more details of what your offer is, what proceeds
will go to what community, what volume of sales you plan to do, and how
we can verify the proceeds against sales.



Daven Johnson




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