Re: [Gimp-developer] the Gimp lcms.c plug-in

My lcms2 plug-in now does do correct ICC profile conversions, from any
RGB color space, to any RGB color space, at 8-bit integer, 16-bit
integer, and 32-bit floating point.

However, to get it to work, I had to modify the babl/babl/util.h file.

After modifying the babl/babl/util.h file, 16-bit tiffs open
correctly. As you might recall, with the default util.h file, 16-bit
tiffs open with a mysterious and erroneous "gamma=2.2 correction"
having been applied. This tiff issue has nothing to do with the lcms

I realize that modifying a babl file might be a controversial move on
my part. But I would ask you to look at this web page before
dismissing what I've done:

The modified babl/babl/util.h code can be found here:


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