Re: [Gimp-developer] [Gimp-user] A plug-in for those who still don't like the new Save/Export

* Akkana Peck <akkana shallowsky com> [08-19-12 14:53]:
> I had wondered why the PDB call gimp-file-save required a drawable
> (layer) argument. It looks like, when exporting to formats like jpeg
> which can't handle multiple layers, gimp-file-save uses that
> argument to decide which layer to save. That also explains why,
> in GIMP 2.6 and earlier, we had to go through that extra step of
> flattening the image if it had multiple layers before it could be
> saved to jpeg.
> To get around that, the plug-in would probably have to have some
> of extra logic:

wouldn't it be more simple to flatten everything rather than ...  ?

or should I remount the *dummy hat*  :^)

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