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If I understand right, I think you are looking for a software like Weblate, seems to be a very good software. I've used recently as a translator and as a checker. You don't check what you translate. Many people are needed to approve a text. It takes a certain number of checks without corrections to the text being approved. Thus, a set of translations performed direct the path of translation.
I believe that this may decrease the work of coordination too.

Some groups use this tool in Debian. I am an active member of groups there too, one of them uses Weblate ( The only problem is the need to be online during translation.

I intend to continue with the translation of the manual that I started of the Gimp manual, soon.
if it is implemented.

I do not know Weblate right, but it's a tip.

2012/8/19 Joao S. O. Bueno <gwidion mpc com br>
> On Fri, Aug 17, 2012 at 9:54 PM, free wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Who are the people responsible for translating gimp? I am a portuguese
>> speaker and I could help translating the installer, the program,
>> documentation... How do I get in contact with them?
> Typically they are people from local GNOME's translation team. Looking
> up headers of PO files usually helps:
> Docs are not available in Portuguese yet. There's only initial
> translation into Brazilian Portuguese. There's gimp-docs@ mailing
> list.
> Alexandre Prokoudine

I' ve talked to Thiago -
what he found that is not translated to pt_BR in GIMP is
the Windows Installer (the "next,next,finish wizard).

That is not a "gnome project" - do you know where the code
for that is hosted, and whether that is even translatable?

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