Re: [Gimp-developer] Fedback and personal comments about Gimp 2.8

Some more comments:

Making all dynamics writable is within your own power. Its a simple
task of copying the resources over from the system folder to your own
profile and removing the system folder.

>III.1. Tablet-specifics, Pen/Eraser consistency
> First thing I noticed in 2.8 is that I now need to select the eraser tool
> when I flip my pen to use the eraser. I didn't have to do that in 2.6.
Your tablet is not recognized or set up right then. On gimp side, if
pen and eraser are reported as separate devices, they can have
separate tools. Just tested it on my system(linux, wacom tablet) It

> So whenever I flip my pen and use the eraser, change the brush
> size, flip it again, have to restore the paint size again...! This is
> getting obnoxious, really.
This is a side-effect of fixing another much more annoying issue -
brush size/shape changing when switching tools. Another thing that
there was no time to fix properly before 2.8. So we fixed the big
annoyance, and left the tablets as they were. You can use tool presets
to work around this one.

>III.2. Tablet-specifics, Unintentional floating

>A bug, probably. I don't have that issue with the mouse: many times, as I
>select an item from a drop down list (brush dynamics, brush...) using my
>tablet's stylus (paint or eraser tool) the list becomes a floating window
>and I need to dock it again... sighs.
This is caused by nature of tablets and what X counts as a drag.
Tablets tend to slip a micron during clicks and that registers to GTK
as drag. Not much we can do about it. Use the option to lock the tabs
to their docks. the annoying bit is, tha you need to do it per tab...
We are aware of the issue, it just does not have easy solutions.

> III.3. Tablet-specifics, dialogs and menus

> A bug, which was present in 2.6 and is still not totally fixed in 2.8:
> using menus with the stylus sometimes (in 2.6 it happened all the time)
> makes dialogs unusable.
This one is a known GTK2 bug that WONT be fixed. It will go away when
gimp finally gets migrated to GTK3.

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