[Gimp-developer] [feature] Merge Colormap Editor into Palette Editor?

Just today while toying around with GIMP 2.8.0-RC1 I noticed that whenever you have an indexed image open, its colormap appears at the top of GIMP's Palettes list as a virtual palette.

This is awesome.  I don't recall it being that way in 2.6, was it?

But there's one thing missing:  The virtual palette is treated as read-only, so in order to change anything on it you have to switch to the Colormap editor instead.  Can these two be merged at some point in the future?

E.g. if I'm editing indexed image A and my current palette is "Colormap of Image A", then the Palette Editor should allow me to change its color entries (with the changes reflected in A's actual colormap).  On the other hand, if I'm currently working on indexed image B, the "Colormap of Image B" palette will be editable while the "Colormap of Image A" palette will act in a read-only manner.

-- Stratadrake
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