[Gimp-developer] GSOC candidature for gegl op implementation


My name is Maxime Nicco and I would like to apply for gegl op implementation.
First I would like to introduce myself. I'm a french engineering student in computer science at a school called ENSISA in eastern france. I program since 5 years, I tried some languages but my favorite is still C/C++, the first I learnt.
Back in a week I read, Mukunds mail with all the thing to do for apply in gegl op program. As I didn't know gimp or gegl at al,l I had to learn and understand how it works.
I review some gimp plugins as checkerboard, plasma and cartoon. I was very interested by cartoon, and as a patch was demand. I think why didn't try to port cartoon into gegl.
I began a reflection on how things work in gegl op and what way could be interesting, but I realize I can't produce a working code for the deadline. So my work on that is still in progress, and today I made a simple fading effect. I learnt many thing, by doing this small op. It isn't as impressive as cartoon, but I have to admit it was a bit pretentious to implement cartoon without a first try.

I'm on the irc channel gimp and gegl, so if you have any question feel free to contact me.

Thanks you for reading my mail and have a good day (or night depends the time-zone)

Maxime Nicco
Engineering student in computer science at ENSISA
mail: maxime nicco gmail fr
irc pseudo: Nicco

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