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Oh god, we're really in trouble. :-S Yahoo! Answers is laughing at us? I learnt where babby formed from that informative site.

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Jeremy Morton (Jez)

On 24/11/2011 09:20, Jim Michaels wrote:
the comments I am getting from some yahoo answers when GIMP is suggested
are basically laughter, and that photoshop should be had instead.

probably one of the most glaring things missing which serious users are
missing are REALLY DECENT Camera RAW format tools and conversions for
all the camera that have it - especially hasselblads. just make sure
that when you have your adjustments, they are properly organized. make
it really easy to use.

some of the things I like about photoshop like Vibrance and some of its
adjustments seem to be missing in GIMP (or people just don't know what
those things are called, or they just don't work the same). I don't know
if you can add that functionality in GIMP or not.

in fact, make GIMP really easy to use, and powerful.

make animation part of the package instead of a separate piece. some of
us are losing out.

make menu items intuitive. File,create for doing scanners is not
intuitive. File,Scanners or File,Acquire is easy to understand.

adobe photoshop filters (Mac or PC) should be built in. people should
have to install a plugin. GIMP without photoshop filters is practically
useless. such as alien skin's eye candy... (I think the company name
could be changed)

GIMP should be powerful.

photoshop already has optional OpenGL 3d capability...
not to mention you can photo a room and it can count items on a picture
and measure items in a room and give you room dimensions.

like I said, people laugh at GIMP...

so... what is GIMP trying to be?
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