Re: [Gimp-developer] Getting the recognition that GIMP deserves

Hi Aleksandar,

Am 10.11.2011 07:34, schrieb Aleksandar Kovac:
[..] I have noticed last year, as a part of a research, that
among the users, there are GIMP 'monks' way up 'above' who seem to know
every trick and loophole there is. Then, there are those brave initiates
who try enthusiastically. Many of them don't stick for too long, but
some do. And then there is a big, big void in the middle. That void is a
result of low acceptance, I think. A problem you mentioned.

The users 'in the middle' are a very important part of the ecosystem,
since they usually produce the bulk of various outputs valuable for
project. Artwork, feedback, ideas, inspirations, frustrations. The
'middle part' are the users who are not wizards neither newbies. They
know how things are going and they can use them fairly well for what
they're trying to create, and they are capable of voicing the praises
and issues in a more-less intelligible fashion within the context. Since
the focus of my research is elsewhere, I did not dig deeper into this,
but the absence of 'those in the middle' when it comes to GIMP struck me
an indication or a symptom that something's off.

interesting observation. To contrast with Alan Cooper's "perpetual intermediates", cited here by Jeff Atwood:

best regards,

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