Re: [Gimp-developer] Getting the recognition that GIMP deserves

On 11-11-10 18:51 , Alexandre Prokoudine wrote:
Using development versions causes cancer, brings 20 year of
unluck on your family and kills kittens by thousands. People wo use
graphics software professionally tend to use apps that produce
_repeatedly_ consistent output. No dev version _ever_ guarantees that.
I find it highly distrurbuing that such a simple thing should even be
It's the curiosity that kills all those kittens and other fluffy critters and leads astray to various 'deviances' that I will consider perfectly 'normal' and highly desirable in due course. :)

No, I really think 'a general user won't see it' is a lame excuse. It would make many people happy, me especially, and make the world a nicer place, if only someone could come up with a solid working definition of 'a general user' so that we can finally integrate the little creep in design processes. As I see it, 'a general user' is a myth occasionally used to allegorically describe 'those who don't code/contribute'.

Despite the friendly warnings, easy-to-understand user-friendly version labeling intricacies and the aforementioned looming misfortune to those who dare, everyone's eager to get their hands on a new GIMP version. I like to believe that there are 'us' and 'them' when imagining who should see which version, but in practice, many of us/them will see it. That's why I don't see that clear cut between 'us' and 'them' in open source.

With Alexia's explanation of the image (thanks!). As an image, I like it even more now. Still, the opening splash is one of those places where you can communicate in short what this version is about and what to expect; in an effort to reduce bad experience, improve information clarity and (w code magic and UI cleanup) contribute to the deserved identity and acceptance.

Might cure asthma, too...
The universally accepted knowledge is that the more you scratch, the
more you want to continue to scratch. Stop scratching and visit a
doctor :)

Personally, I find the whole topic a horrible waste of time.

Offended by the splash screen? Draw a better one.
Want GIMP to be better recognized? Start producing awesome art with it.
Sorry to see lack of hi-end features? Get involved with development.
Exactly those itches. No doctor for that, but the self-therapy you mention... And you busted my carefully crafted closing maieutics I was so proud of. :) Thank you... now I'm gonna go and kill kittens and them fluffies! Gimme that red hot dev version, I have a deadline to meet!
Till today, I didn't even know that there's another kind of gimp.
There goes my carefully crafted deviance, too. Ah well...

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