[Gimp-developer] sharpen broken


recently I noticed sharpen was broken on 2.6.11 and suspected a local build problem. Yesterday , I wanted to encourage a friend to look at GIMP on windoze and was embarrassed when he hit the same issue, so here's more detail:

dlg come up with default value about half way up. No visible difference to image. Clicking preview on/off , no diff . Slider no diff.

Seems the filter is a NOP.

I cancelled out.

Next visit to the filter menu I see "redo sharpen" . Curious I click.

It shows a progress bar and makes no changes. (filter is a NOP)

This seems to be a second issue. Since I cancelled it cannot "redo" anything. Where does it get the parameters to redo something I never did.

Indeed , why is the filter even in the menu as a redo when I never used it ?!

regards , gg

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