[Gimp-developer] GEGL problems while building 2.7.4 for Linux

A long time ago, I built the 2.7.2 version which required upgrading my BABL/GEGL libraries (running Kunbuntu 10.04) which I did by getting the code directly from the GIT repository

I thought building 2.7.4 would be a snap since I didn't expect to have to re-upgrade these. I was wrong :)

BABL went OK but I have a problem with GEGL: the GIT version won't compile ("No rule to make target `gegl-sampler-downsharp.c', needed by `gegl-sampler-downsharp.lo'.") and the tarball requires GLIB 2.28 (2.24 on my Kubuntu 10.04).

I understand that the GIT stuff may have compile problems, but I can't invent a missing C source file from scratch.

However, what I don't understand is that the tarball version requires a new GLIB when the GIT one doesn't?

And if anyone went that route, where does the version chase stop? Is GLIB the last one or are there anymore ahead?

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