Re: [Gimp-developer] New color mode

Troy Large wrote:
> over half way down the page. CIELAB, while quite good in itself is also the
> preferred system for transformation between color spaces - for example going
> from RGB to CMYK one is best to go RGB > CIELAB > CMYK, thus, not only would you
> have a top rate color system, you would be set up for top rate transformation
> functions as well

Well, actually no. L*A*B* has often been used in this process as a gamut
mapping space (needed when converting RGB to print spaces), but it does
have the disadvantage that radial colorspace changes are not constant in hue,
particularly in the blue region. This is no handicap for many uses
(including an image edit space), but it is for gamut mapping. The more
modern approach in gamut mapping is to use a space that does have constant
hue in the radial direction, such as CIECAM or IPT spaces.

Graeme Gill.

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