ANNOUNCE: Giggle 0.4.96 released

* What is it ?

Giggle is a graphical frontend for Git

* Where can I get it ?


* This is a development release leading up to Giggle 0.5.
Focus was fixing build issues found in the last release.


* Homepage:
* Git repo:
* Mailing List:
* Report bugs to:

Changes in 0.4.96

Bugs fixed:

* 608101 - Give CLI options higher priority than environment
variables (Florian Müllner)

Other changes:

* Some cleanups of the code


* Updated Slovenian (sl) translation by Andrej Žnidaršič
* Updated German (de) translation by Mario Blättermann
* Added Hungarian (hu) translation by Gabor Kelemen
* Updated French (fr) translation by Claude Paroz
* Updated Spanish (es) translation by Javier Jardón


* Florian Müllner
* Javier Jardón

Thank you all!

Javier Jardón Cabezas

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