Re: [Gegl-developer] [Gimp-user] Discontinuation of mailing lists and moving to Discourse

Am 18.10.22 um 02:29 schrieb Jehan Pagès via gegl-developer-list:
Now we could always try to fight against the current and persuade
GNOME infrastructure team, but we made a small opinion tour among the
current core team and nobody really had particular love or use of our
mailing lists. Also we realize it's very low volume these days (barely
a few threads per month, counting all mailing lists together). Myself
I barely look at mailing lists every once in a while and make a random
answer sometimes. And there were several mailing lists I was not even
subscribed to (I did for the sake of this announcement). So that's
probably why none from the core team is really trying to fight this

There is one more thing to take into consideration: more
infrastructure means more work. I said it above, I am exhausted by
this all. I was only managing one of the mailing lists so far (the
gimp-gui one, the most recent) and still had to regularly handle
spams. I am personally thankful that this work goes to GNOME admins now.

Spam did indeed heavily outweigh the on-topic messages on the other five
mailing lists for quite some time - and anyone who's ever maintained a
mailman-based mailing list can likely confirm that spam handling there
is not as comfortable as doing this in e.g. a capable mail client.



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