[Gegl-developer] Discontinuation of mailing lists and moving to Discourse

Hello everyone!

The GNOME Foundation has been moving all its discussions to a Discourse forum, progressively: https://mail.gnome.org/archives/desktop-devel-list/2022-September/msg00018.html

We were informed today that they are on the last stage of this migration and that all the mailing lists will be fully retired by the end of October. This implies also all of GIMP and GEGL mailing lists.

Instead, people wishing to discuss about GIMP are expected to use GNOME's Discourse instance. In particular 2 tags were created for us:

* "gimp" tag for GIMP-related discussions: https://discourse.gnome.org/tag/gimp
* "gegl" tag for GEGL-related discussions: https://discourse.gnome.org/tag/gegl

We don't have as many tags as we used to have mailing lists, just these 2, but since all our lists are quite low volume these days, I didn't think it was worth asking, at least for now. GNOME admins confirmed that it would not be a problem to add new tags in the future if we ever decided we needed more (e.g. having a "gimp-dev" tag or whatnot).

By the way, noteworthy information: GIMP has had already an official presence on pixls.us Discourse: https://discuss.pixls.us/gimp/
We discussed among the team if it was worth having presence on both pixls.us and GNOME discourse and we came to the conclusion that the audience is different, therefore it is interesting to stay on both communities. For discussion with existing GNOME contributors, translators and various GNOME users for instance, they might be already on the GNOME Discourse. On the other hand, pixls.us is a much more specialized forum/community on Photography in particular, and is also probably more platform-independent too.

Last but not least, as I expect that some people might prefer interacting by email, I tried to look up what are the possibilities. This thread "Interacting with Discourse via email" is of interest: https://discourse.gnome.org/t/interacting-with-discourse-via-email/46

It didn't have the ability to create new threads easily, especially tagged with the "gimp" keyword. Discourse has a way to create a topic on a specific category but we couldn't find for tags, for instance you can send an email to community @ discourse.gnome.org (note that it doesn't work for every category, e.g. it didn't work for infrastructure; I haven't tested others). With Andrea Veri, GNOME Infrastructure admin, we came up with a special email hook: any email with "[GIMP]" in the subject will be tagged "gimp".
Nevertheless you need to have level 1 trust level for this to work. We aren't sure exactly what it means other than having participated enough (whatever "enough" is) to the Discourse first. 🤷

See: https://discourse.gnome.org/t/gimp-how-to-send-emails-to-discourse-tagged-for-gimp-forum/11535

So I guess, let's continue discussing there everyone! 🤗

GIMP maintainer


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