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On 1 Oct 2021 at 11:40, Vries, S.A. de (Sanne) via gi wrote:

For this, we need documentation on the requirements of GIMP After a
search on the Internet, we could not find any specification document
on the requirements. Therefore, we were wondering if you could help us
out by sending us documentation on the requirements used when
developing the product? By this we mean the product requirements
(maybe specified in a user story or ˜shall™ format), and not
requirements for the developers of the code.

We are just a small team of volunteers. Everyone mostly works on the things
they are interested in. As such, we don't have many formal documents.

I am not even exactly sure what sort of requirements you are thinking of.
Product vision, new features are more or less available in our roadmap.

Some other pages on the wiki, although often very outdated, may be of
interest such as mindstorm and specs:

Although you see this is not about code requirements, maybe there is
something in the development docs you can use too:

Best regards, vriendelijke groeten

Jacob Boerema

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