[Gegl-developer] Requirement documentation GIMP

Dear people from GIMP,

We are two students from Utrecht University, currently enrolled in the course Software Production. For this course, we are going to write a scientific paper on the topic of requirements. In this paper, we are going to focus on how requirements are formulated for open source software. We wanted to pick GIMP as a case study for analyzing the structure of requirements. 

For this, we need documentation on the requirements of GIMP After a search on the Internet, we could not find any specification document on the requirements. Therefore, we were wondering if you could help us out by sending us documentation on the requirements used when developing the product? By this we mean the product requirements (maybe specified in a user story or ‘shall’ format), and not requirements for the developers of the code. 

In our research, we are going to analyse the structure of the requirements with a NLP tool and investigate whether recurring patterns can be found. Moreover, we are planning on sending a survey about what kind of requirement structures are better perceived. We could share the results of the paper with you.

Thank you in advance for considering. Your input would be of great help to our project. 

Kind regards,

Sanne de Vries & Iris de Wildt

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