[Gegl-developer] GEGL-0.3.12 and babl-0.1.24

GEGL provides a node/graph based API and framework for cached, interactive
non-destructive image processing. GEGLs data flow image processing graphs are
used by GIMP and other software like gnome-photos, imgflo and iconographer.

Highlights of changes in this release:

 • less locale dependent serializations/parameters
 • fix local raw file detection of ARW and CR2 files
 • gegl_memset_pattern performance improvement
 • clean up the way we drop references and free memory
 • static caching of some frequently used babl formats/types.
 • mipmap preview render code fixes for the following subset of
operations: point
   operations (filter, and composer subclasses), integer translate, crop.

• new ops: edge-neon, image-gradient, slic, wavelet-blur, waterpixels, watershed
• moved from workshop to common: color-warp, component-extract
• text: remove now unneeded work-around, ability to control vertical
   positioning, permit <1.0 font-sizes, handle text-color alpha, other
• lens-distortion: default to transparent background
• crop: bounding box computation simplifications
• noise-rgb: add gamma and distribution properties
• dither: renamed from color-reduction and improved ui/property controls.
• high-pass: do inversion, over and contrast in non-linear RGB
• noise-rgb: new linear and gaussian properties
• transform: added a clip-to-input property
• raw-load: improvements to handling of Sony's ARW files
• exposure: replaced offset with black-level
• moved from common to workshop: bilateral-filter-fast
• new workshop ops: bayer-matrix, linear-sinusoid,
 shadows-highlights, integral-image, segment-kmeans,
• removed ops: gaussian-blur-old

To build gegl-0.3.12 you will also need babl-0.1.24 which has recently been
released with various new performance short-cuts and profiling cache

This release of GEGL was brought to you through contributions from:

Piotr Drąg, Marco Ciampa, Sergey "Shnatsel" Davidoff, Ell, Michael Hennig,
Anders Jonsson, Christian Kirbach, Øyvind Kolås, Thomas Manni, Jordi Mas,
Michael Natterer, Jon Nordby, Peter O'Regan, Jehan Pagès, Sebastian Rasmussen,
Debarshi Ray, Dimitris Spingos (Δημήτρης Σπίγγος), Martin Srebotnjak, Elle
Stone and Miroslav Talasek.

Where to get GEGL:

The latest versions of GEGL and it's hard dependencies babl and glib can be
fetched from:


SHA256 sums of the released tarballs:


More information about GEGL can be found at the GEGL website, http://gegl.org/
or by joining #gegl and #gimp on the GIMPnet IRC network.

Have fun coding and image processing

Øyvind Kolås -– http://pippin.gimp.org/

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