[Gegl-developer] Returning to python-gegl

Hi -

after several months I am taking back a look at my Python bindings for GEGL,
which make use of gobject introspection.

The situation with gobject introspection is none but frustrating - maybe
one could use it, if he could live in #gobject on irc - but there seens to be
no documentation resources wherever.

Moreover, it does not work very well,
whenever something is not available using the auto-generated bindings,
there is no workaround, but to make/request changes on the upstream project
and wait for a new release.

Add to that things that simply stop working
(I just found out I can no longer instantiate a geglBuffer with the gobject
introspection - and the solution in my package is a hack already to workaround
the constructor failing in the past)

Moreover, the latest GEGL stable release is still built with introspection off -
so people can't make use of the Python bindings without rebuildoing
GEGL themselves,
as all distros ship the package without the "gir"  files.

But -- I may be wrong --- people may be firmly committed to gobject
and it may be the future, and it is my fault not learning it right -
And this is the main motivation for this message:
Doo anyone believe/think/can explain/ if gobject introspection has a
future at all?

Otherwise, I think I will rewire the python bindings using another
method to bridge to the C library, which is more predictive and better
supported. (I also accept suggestions for that -
since I prefer working in Python itself, my options would be ctypes or cython)


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