[Gegl-developer] Gegl API calls vs. Gimp UI - different filter results


I am just starting out building some Gegl filters and I'm experiencing some problems with different results, depending on from where I invoke the filters. I'm using Ubuntu 14.04, Gegl from git (tagged 0.2.0), current babl from git (and Gimp 2.8 from the Ubuntu repository, just for testing purposes).

To test the results of my filters, I wrote a very simple program, which basically looks like this:

            GeglNode *root = gegl_node_new();
            GeglNode *load = gegl_node_new_child(root,
                "operation", "gegl:load",
                "path",      "test_input.png",
            GeglNode *test = gegl_node_new_child(root,
                "operation", test_operations[i],
            GeglNode *save = gegl_node_new_child(root,
                "operation", "gegl:save",
                "path",      output_filename,
            gegl_node_link_many(load, test, save, NULL);

My first problem is that if I use this code, my output file resolution is increasing. When I run my filter and print out some debug information, I can see that the extra amount of pixels I request in my prepare function is already applied to the value of the result argument in my process function. The call to gegl_operation_get_required_for_output returns me an even larger rectangle.

This is a brief excerpt from my gegl filter code:

static void prepare(GeglOperation *operation) {
    GeglOperationAreaFilter *area = GEGL_OPERATION_AREA_FILTER(operation);
    GeglChantO              *o    = GEGL_CHANT_PROPERTIES(operation);

    // Extra pixels needed in each direction
    area->left = area->right = 0;
    area->top = area->bottom = o->height; // sloppy, but at least enough

gegl_operation_set_format(operation, "input", babl_format("RGB float")); gegl_operation_set_format(operation, "output", babl_format("RGB float"));

process (...
         const GeglRectangle *result,
    const GeglChantO *o = GEGL_CHANT_PROPERTIES(operation);

    GeglRectangle source =
        gegl_operation_get_required_for_output(operation, "input", result);

    g_print("result - x: %i, y: %i, width: %i, height: %i\n",
        result->x, result->y, result->width, result->height);
    g_print("source - x: %i, y: %i, width: %i, height: %i\n",
        source.x, source.y, source.width, source.height);

With the same input file (640 x 480), the same parameters and on the same machine...
A) Run with the program shown above:
    result - x: 0, y: -10, width: 256, height: 500
    source - x: 0, y: -20, width: 256, height: 520
    result - x: 256, y: -10, width: 384, height: 500
    source - x: 256, y: -20, width: 384, height: 520
B) Run within Gimp via UI
    result - x: 0, y: 0, width: 256, height: 480
    source - x: 0, y: -10, width: 256, height: 500
    result - x: 256, y: 0, width: 384, height: 480
    source - x: 256, y: -10, width: 384, height: 500

Run with the program above, the output image will have an additional height of two times o->height (which is in this test cases always 10). The result are two (black) bars above and below the actual image. This problem does *not* occur when I run this filter within Gimp!

My second problem - but I don't care very much about this at the moment - is that the colors of the result are not quite the same as well, although I'm letting babl do all that work (I think). Because of the effect of the filter, the difference in brightness is quite easy to see.

I hope you have any idea that could help avoid the increase of *result / the output image in the first place. I appreciate every hint!


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