[Gegl-developer] directory structure of opencl in gegl, and unit test framework for each plugin?

I just had a good look at the gegl git repository, it looks to me that
plugins and filters are implemented in the directory


where plugins are subdivided into subdirectories such as core,
transform, generated, common and workshop.  Then I see some of these
plugins have opencl versions in the directory


but implementations in opencl/ are not separated into corresponding

I just wonder are there any plan to group opencl the same way as operations?

Also is it true that unit test scripts of opencl are placed at:


that compares output of opencl and CPU implemenations?  If so, then
the number of tests seems to be much fewer than number of opencl
plugins.  If I am correct, then would it be most productive for me to
write XML test files for the plugins which has no corresponding test
XML file?

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