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I'm still pretty new to GEGL myself so I can't give you a good answer of how up to date that list is. I suggest you just choose a filter of which you have a good idea what it does, grab the current master branch and have a look of its progress. If you grab the current Gimp as well you can get an idea of its state by looking if it has already a place in the filter menu or if it's still listed under Tools -> GEGL Operation. Or if it's not listed at all.

I experienced that the (Gimp) IRC channel (irc:// is much more active than this mailing list. You might want to ask this question there again and hopefully get the answer your looking for. :-)

If your are willing to port a filter from Gimp to GEGL (including an OpenCL implementation or not) I'm sure your help will be appreciated.


Am 13.12.2014 07:56, schrieb kcleung users sourceforge net:

I have just learned OpenCL programming, and would like to get solid
experience in OpenCL.  I would like to port an existing GEGL filter to

I had a look at:

There are a couple of filters listed that have a GEGL CPU
implementation but without OpenCL implementation.  How updated is this

Could you please kindly suggest an existing GEGL filter that is
reasonably small, yet no-one has worked on porting to OpenCL?  I would
like to claim and implement that filter and get my hand dirty :)


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