Re: [Gegl-developer] imgflo: Visually programming image processing pipelines with GEGL & Flowhub

On 14 April 2014 08:17, Victor Oliveira <victormatheus gmail com> wrote:
It looks cool! Sorry for not having much time to give a look at the
code now, but how does it run gegl in the browser? It's calling the
gegl lib through node.js?

Only the IDE runs in the browser. Flowhub has a standardized protocol
for talking to runtimes[1], and imgflo implements that over WebSocket
using libsoup.
So GEGL runs on the server as normal, just with an additional API.

There is some node.js code in the repo, for implementing an image
processing server with an HTTP API that allows to specify input
file(s), a named graph to run them through and creates the output
image on-demand (or serves from disk).
We might use the same infrastructure for interactive preview in
Flowhub, not decided yet.


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