[Gegl-developer] imgflo: Visually programming image processing pipelines with GEGL & Flowhub

at Libre Graphics Meeting last week I mentioned in the GEGL and
visual-programming workshops that we[1] are looking to build image
processing pipelines with GEGL using NoFlo UI/Flowhub[2].

After one week of evenings hacking I'm happy to announce that the very
basics are up and running and that we've hit the first milestone;
building and processing a GEGL graph!

Screenshot: https://twitter.com/jononor/status/455018717500276736
Code: http://github.com/jonnor/imgflo

Those that are interested are invited to follow and give feedback on
the Github page or on the gegl-developer mailing list.
Cheers, Jon

1. The Grid, http://thegrid.io
2. http://noflojs.org/noflo-ui/   http://flowhub.io/

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