Re: [Gegl-developer] Problem running GEGL hello-world example

On Sat, 30 Mar 2013 18:11:14 -0400
Michael Henning <drawoc darkrefraction com> wrote:

The example program uses a gegl:display op. The issue you're running
into is that you didn't compile gegl against any libraries that can
provide the display op.

You can fix this by either compiling gegl with SDL support (there are
SDL binaries for windows online, so that shouldn't be too difficult to
set up), or by modifying the example to save a png file instead of
trying to display a window (I'd recommend you try this anyway, if
you're trying to learn gegl's api).

Feel free to post back with any more questions you have.

Hi Michael,

thanks so far. Can I also use GTK+ for a display op? How?


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