[Gegl-developer] Problem running GEGL hello-world example

GEGL-0.2.0 on Window 7 64bit / mingw32 / msys


after compiling GEGL I'm trying to run the hello-world example and get
the following errors:

christoph HTPC /k/daten/programmierung/libraries/gegl-0.2.0/examples
$ export GEGL_PATH=/k/daten/programmierung/libraries/gegl-0.2.0/

christoph HTPC /k/daten/programmierung/libraries/gegl-0.2.0/examples
$ ./hello-world.exe
GEGL-geglmodule.c-Message: Module
'k:/daten/programmierung/libraries/gegl-0.2.0\ gegl\.libs
\libgegl-0.2-0.dll' load error: Missing gegl_module_query() symbol

(hello-world.exe:2980): GEGL-display.c-WARNING **: No display handler
operation found for gegl:display

(hello-world.exe:2980): GEGL-gegl-operation-context.c-WARNING **:
gegl_operation _context_take_object: No paramspec found for pad
'output' on "gegl:display"

... same message repeated many times ...

(hello-world.exe:1132): GEGL-gegl-operation-context.c-WARNING **:
gegl_operation _context_take_object: No paramspec found for pad
'output' on "gegl:display"

EEEEeEeek! 2 GeglBuffers leaked
christoph HTPC /k/daten/programmierung/libraries/gegl-0.2.0/examples

That's what happened during configure:

Building GEGL with prefix=/usr/local

Optional features:
  GEGL docs:       yes
  Build workshop:  no
  Build website:   no  (asciidoc not found)
  SIMD:            sse:yes mmx:yes
  Vala support:    no  (vapigen executable not found)

Optional dependencies:
  asciidoc:        no  (asciidoc not found)
  enscript:        no  (enscript not found)
  Ruby:            no
  Lua:             no  (usable lua not found)
  Cairo:           yes
  Pango:           yes
  pangocairo:      yes
  GDKPixbuf:       yes
  JPEG:            yes
  PNG:             yes
  OpenEXR:         no  (OpenEXR library not found)
  rsvg:            no  (usable librsvg not found)
  SDL:             no  (SDL library not found)
  openraw:         no  (openraw library not found)
  Jasper:          no  (jasper library not found)
  graphviz:        no  (graphviz not found)
  avformat:        no  (libavformat not found)
  V4L:             no
  spiro:           no  (usable SPIRO library not found)
  EXIV:            no  (exiv2 library not found)
  umfpack:         no  (usable umfpack library not found)

christoph HTPC /k/daten/programmierung/libraries/gegl-0.2.0

What do I have to do to make the hello-world example work?


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