[Gegl-developer] How to make GEGL easier to use in web based applications

One last thing that was discussed at LGRU in Bergen
(http://www.piksel.no/pulse/lgru) around GEGL: Making it (more) useful
in web based applications. This discussion happened mainly with
Etherpad developer Egil Möller.

* Image processing for batch based web applications/services
* Image processing in interactive web applications
* Image processing for *native* applications based on web technologies
* Serving of tiles for massively-tiled web applications like maps

It should be clear from this what the vision is; to allow applications
that are as advanced as GIMP or OpenStreetMap to be built on GEGL+web

Here are the notes: http://beta.primarypad.com/p/gegl-web

As you will see from the notes this is not as concrete as for the two
previous topics, but more in the idea/concept stage. Any feedback and
contributions much welcomed. Run discussion!

Jon Nordby - www.jonnor.com

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